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Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has stories that you can imagine. These fictional stories never stop updating. All fictional stories are always edited constantly,–making it easier for site visitors to read posts like pages in a chapter book. All posts are arranged via an ascending order… without this feature; it can take some effort for some viewers to find the starting posts on this website. You can learn more about Fairies Dreams & Fantasy by going to the “About” page to find out how this website evolved.

We have some advertising slots available for advertisers to advertise on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. Here are the prices for our ad slots.:

We have the following ad slots available on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.


After purchasing an ad slot for your ad, please submit your instructions to; or Due to the design of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy; your banner ads requires to be linked externally for your banners to work. If you were submitting text-based ads, you are already done.

When purchasing an ad slot to advertise your product/service/article… 100% of my proceeds will help me pay for hosting, domain renewing, and switching hosting packages. We will never setup paywalls because, we want our content to be free forever.

336×280 Ad Slot ATF

This ad slot is ideal for image, text, link list, and audio content. There’s 50 rotations available,–up to 50 individual ads. One ad per advertiser. Ads appear above posts on our website.

Choose How Many Days to Run Your Ad:
Ad Name:
Your URL:

This ad slot accepts text, image, and video ads. But flash is not supported. Be sure to varify if your banner is working correctly. We also accept iframe-based ads. Useful for product purchases.

If you want to run your ad as a sponsorship with a subscription, please let us know by emailing us. All ads are held before we display them. If you’re not sure, our experimental guidelines what we’re currently writing will help you. Our ad policies are coming soon.

Audio ads are also supported.

125×125 Banner

Coming Soon

300×600 Sidebar Banner

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728×90 Front Page banner

Coming Soon!


No physical product is delivered when purchasing ad slots.

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