Chapter 0.2: My Fairy Experience


I woke up early,–after I had a dream about fairies. And I’m still Currently finding the way to study fairies, and fairy culture. I have to find the way to study all kinds of fairies. Since I don’t have a book with me anymore… I have to go back to the library to get me a different book to read about fairies. Most of these books about fairies are NOT original,–due to Islamic terrorism. And 22 librarians are trying to get these books back to them. There was a rumor about a new policy that just banned the Quran from all libraries, and Sharia law, and other foreign laws will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. I still hear sirens sounding. And the chase is still active. This village takes issues with Islamic terrorism extremely seriously… untold; 200 Muslim men has been arrested, and many women and young girls has been saved. And many of these churches has been protected against Islamic terrorism. Okay if you don’t know why this village is currently cracking down on Islamic terrorism… they passed a new law that will protect women from Islamic cultural laws that infringe the rights of women and young girls. That means; it will be a crime to stone a woman, burn down the church, unlawfully censor content, traffic children, rape, and other crimes. At this case; they made it illegal to allow a brother to kill a sister, allow ‘honor’ killings to be performed, sacrifice women as a richual, sacrafice animals as a richual, spank children for any reason, persecute Christians, harm the LGBT communities, and burn synagogues. This new law is so powerful… that caused the rape culture to be outlawed permanently,–for good. “That’s really helpful when they banned the rape culture as a safety feature for this village what I’m still live in. I should write a book about this place,” I said, getting out of bed, “my grandmother has taken over my parlor to sleep. She was still waiting for her home to be repaired. I have to let her know I’m still there.” I walked across my room to get myself dressed for today. I have to get ready to go back to the library to find a real book about fairies,–so I can learn more about the fairy culture, getting myself tuned up for believing in fairies is one important thing to do!

As I get dressed, I listened to the scanner radio to catch up to a current capture of these terrorists who are wanted in prison for arson, and fraud. In fact, my friend, Muhamed is being scheduled to arrive in court by the next week. He was once in prison for attempted murder, and attempted robbery. His father, and his mother has been stunned because, Muhamed was taken to jail last night! His daughter who was attending school has warned her teacher about her father who is involved in murder,–bringing shame to her family, or bringing her family to shame,–when brought to light.

Once I’m done dressing up, I ran downstairs to get ready for breakfast. My house sitter is just doing her work early. And she has to guard this home while I’m not there. She is currently making tarts for the rest of my peers, and my grandmother who is taking refuge after her home was damaged by Muslim gangs who were involved in mass fraud, counterfeiting, copyfraud, and bank fraud. I had 1 experienced fairy-believer who is getting me started with believe in fairies. She has a job to find a temple that is available for me to visit, and start becoming an official fairy-believer. I just can’t wait to believe in fairies because, this is a wish what I just written since years ago. “Oh, great! I have to use my cold food to get fueled up for today,” I said, getting ready to open the freezer to get myself some waffles to warm up in a toaster oven, “good thing… I can brown some waffles for myself as my house sitter gets ready to do her long job. Since its Saturday, I have to clear up my entire home to enable people to steam up the entire house to cleanse it thoroughly.” The waffles felt cold all right, but the freezer with a bulky design is built to last! It was donated to me since years ago. I used it for storing frozen vegetables.

So, I ate my breakfast as one of the skilled fairy-believers read a book to me. They have to monitor a set of books for possible signs of fraud, and other issues. I had a plan to go to the fairy-based temple to find myself a fairy to ride,–making it easy for me to keep up with them. I had my TV set turned off last night because, I have to save energy… and reduce carbon. Some of my other peers has arrived to get their lost items recovered, they needed to get ready to fly to the another country. They’re flying to the UK to study British, and British culture.

I took some time eating as I play the video about fairies. I have to use a vintage video player that supports DRM-free media. Due to software freedom activism… copy-protection schemes has been halted. And Every creator who went DRM-free has reduced waste by 400% and counting. These experienced fairy-believers has been trying to steer me towards the right set of videos about fairies. They have rights too! Not all fairies rely on an owner when cared for… just like caring for rabbits, dogs, cats, mice, rats, or any animal.

After I ate some breakfast; I decided to go to the fairy-based temple to find me a fairy to ride… this is NOT a fettish under any other way! This temple is built with bricks, and it has large windows. There’s a theme of fairies that are in the public domain. This is a new kind of a religious group that is being developed as an alternative to Islam. I never went to this temple before! But I had an option to join this religion… this is new and launched from the ground up. There’s a garden that is next to the building. And there’s a sign that certifies this place is protected against terrorism. And This is a new religion that is officially banned Islam, and lobbied for banning of Islam! That means… this village is protected for good.

I start off by opening the door to the temple.

I slowly walked through the door.

I walked down the hallway. The hallway is designed like a hallway of a palace someplace in other countries. I have to walk slowly because, there’s people dressed up like fairies; richual equipment, vegetarianism starter guides. books, and items what people via different religions brought during conversion.

As I enter the main area of this building; I was greeted by a lady who dressed up like a fairy queen. She is wearing a large violet dress with a brown apron, a crown with gold wiring inside glass, 2 earrings, a necklace with a bronze charm, flat shoes, silver stockings, blue fairy wings, and an artificial tail like a fox. I never seen a fairy like this before! She is a new leader of this temple.

“Okay, where should I go?” I asked myself, walking towards the main area of this temple, “this is a richual. I’ll ride a rabbit down this hallway that leads to the main area of this temple.” I discovered a large rabbit to ride. She’s a white rabbit who can handle up to 2 riders. And she wears a quilt on her back.

So, I hopped on her back, and started riding her down the hallway. Most of these people has dressed up as fairies of all sizes. And unlike other fairies… these fairies were designed to grant wishes for everyone around the world. But they don’t support territories where human rights infringement has been around for some years. “That will make it easier for me to navigate this temple. If there’s a fairy for me to ride… she will enable me to fly,” I said, finding the fairy that is right for me. Some of these people who were about to start a fairy study… and the fairy-like service for our village. Well, this is a new kind of a religion. But they implemented to new task force to prevent “honor” killings from happening. That means… women and young girls will be protected. If any family member who is involved in killing anyone in his/her own family or anyone else… a long prison sentence is issued.

I ridden the white rabbit down the ramp to the cellar maze,–where the entry point to the main complex is located. It’s kind of like a difficult way to enter the temple fully. I believe why they had this richual,– riding rabbits because, that’s important for fairy-believers. But what I’m doing is solving a mystery why they had this richual for the past years,–after they started a religion.

Once I finally reached the primary section of this temple; I go to the art room to do some art with other people who were believing in fairies. However; I’m kind of new to this place because, I wanted to rely on fairy-based culture to get me out of the previous belief what I claimed to be barbaric, and unstable. Currently, I’m finding a fairy that is a right size for me. But I just came up with a solution, plan out a large fairy to care for, and train her with my own training that will NOT induce any pain and suffering. But many fairy trainers has their fairies removed from their places because, they’re involved in cruelty, and neglect. Like us… fairies need food, water, shelter, and other important things, just like the same way how pet owners take responsibility if their animals. There are over 400 fairies finding new homes because, they’ve been flying away from abusive homes, abusive owners, and other forms of abuse that was brought to light.

As I do my art project, Mary has arrived at the art center. She is getting ready to dress up like a fairy in some vintage books about fairies. “Welcome to our temple!” she greeted. “Ahoy Mary, I greeted, placing my pieces of work inside the drying crate, “I’m finding a fairy to fly with. But most of these fairies will NOT match which fairy what I wanted to fly with.”

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