I was riding on a carousel at the local mall. I’m riding a white rabbit. Some of my friends wanted to have a tea party with me as they reach my home. My mother hasn’t been staying home recently. That enables me to be free,–due to a court order, ordering my mother NOT to spank anyone; nor allow anyone to hit a child as a punishment, or under any circumstances. This mall is sponsoring anti-spanking laws that will help all children stay away from violence. And be raised with a modern society. Since outdated family traditions are being seized out… that causes newer children to evolved with a new generation. This carousel ride is sponsoring this law! I have over 14 peers with me. And some of them are just getting ready to go to work,–after a carousel ride. This is a newly built carousel that is portable, and its located inside a large house where it has its own heating and cooling systems. That enables this ride to be running for 24 hours a day. And this place never closes. There are over 22 off duty police officers making a play to stop the spank, and take the spank out of our parents. I can hear riots outside,–fighting against this new law. But this new law is designed to save children from cruelty.

After I ridden the carousel 7 times; I started to run towards the arcade where they sponsor laws to keep Sharia law out of our society. I have to find the game or ride that is available. So far, everyone has filled the arcade. And they were making a difference with their community so far. “I’ll ride a large fairy, or a large butterfly to entertain myself,” I said, running towards the rides. Other peers who were playing games are just waiting for me to join in.

So, I hopped on a butterfly to ride. It relies on tokens to start a ride. This ride is designed for both adults and children. They used to have rides that are only marketed to children, but they specially ordered these large formats. And unlike other rides in this arcade… they’re open-source. But they still have these other rides. All of the music fills the arcade… that means; the arcade is active everyday. And there was a record of this place running up to 44 days flat!

After a long time at the arcade; all of us has boarded the bus to go to my house to have a tea party. This is necessary for me to have tea and tarts to leave liquor out of my house. But some of my peers aren’t able to drink tea,–due to allergies, or they can’t drink any hot drinks. That’s when I started planning on adding alternatives to tea for some of my peers. This is necessary for me to make it flexible for my friends to enjoy our party with other peers.

Meanwhile, Muhamed was late! He missed out our fun, however… he can have tea with us. But he didn’t reach us because, he was on probation,–after he was released from prison since years ago. “Muhamed… you missed our fun,” I said, getting ready to board our large bus, did the taxi broke down, or something else?” “I was ordered NOT to go to any arcade,–due to fraud, and my banking account was seized by the tax squad. What I was doing is Islamic banking… my store was seized too, he cried. Muhamed was wearing a tag that warns people he’s a terrorist who was on probation. He can’t board our bus because, he can’t leave 1 section of this village.

All of my peers and I has reached a house where I live in. We started to get ready to have a tea party. They wanted to choose tea over alcohol because, they wanted to take smart choices. This is necessary to keep the alcoholic beverages out of our system. We have to think twice before we unload our rental bus that is used for long trips. My older friend who is a librarian has been logging activities. She’s the only person who is paying lots of taxes to enable schools to run smoothly.

This story about our tea party starts off with me,–along with my peers. We are at this house in this city. This house is small and it only has 2 stories, but no basement! It has vertical windows, but it doesn’t have any safety grates that prevent bad guys from breaking into a building. It’s just a generic house with a basic design.

We’re having a tea party. We’re having tea with tarts, berries, and scones.

My peers really liked my tea party. They asked me: “Why I started believing in fairies?” I replied to my peers: That’s the alternative to my previous belief.” My peers agreed with my reply. They never seen a person believing in fairies before! I’m currently getting my next set of scones baked in the oven. Some of my peers can hardly see me. The lights in the canteen are dim. The art work that I made since a long time ago are sold. Half of the money goes to the organization, so they can reduce pollution; and save the planet.The tea set that we’re using is custom-made. The tarts that we’re eating are warm as a hot pie,–fresh from the oven. The tea kettle that we’re using has a theme of fairies that is custom-designed.

Some of my peers were NOT actually in my dining room; they’re just in the living room. It’s a small room. Some of my peers don’t want to crowd that small room, they wanted to drink tea in the dining room instead! They asked me if it’s okay, and I said: “Join in!” My peers has entered the dining room.

Since we’re eating in the canteen, (or dining room), that’s the place where we’re having tea. Although, we’re having green tea because, we ran out of white tea, black tea, and ginger/cinnamon tea. The scones that we’re eating are soft as a cookie. Those are eggless scones what we’re eating! Some of my peers can’t eat eggs because, they’re vegan. Baking with these vegan ingredients is necessary for me because, that enable other peers who were trying to reach my party can enjoy it too!

Once few more of my peers has arrived; the tea party starts normally. Since I’m hosting my party; I set the guidelines. That’s important to keep my party clean, and free of bad stuff. I also had my music playing,–so my peers can have entertainment as they enjoy my party.

All of us are having a tea party in my house. Well, this is our party with my peers who were invited. But some of my other peers hasn’t came to our party just yet. Maybe they had problems with their car, or van. However, this is a start of our long party. That means, this party won’t be completed,–until all of my peers who were invited arrived successfully! Most of my peers are reading public domain books as they consume their tea with scones. Some of my peers were just getting started with my tea party.

One of my peers has refilled my tea kettle because, some of my new peers are coming. And some of these scones are baked in the oven because, there’s more of my friends coming. Maybe they’re taking a subway to reach my house. They need to take a subway because, my house is too far for them to reach via a car.

Once all of my friends has arrived successfully, they settled down as I announce the guidelines. I have to respond to my peers,–whenever they have questions. I have to enforce these guidelines because, I have to keep my party clean as possible.

After I announced the guidelines; the party continues.

The Tea Party has continued; we still have plenty of scones on the plate. Most of my peers are just enjoying their time, most of the plates what we’re using are still being used for our long party. I’m currently a host, but my mother isn’t home at all. Maybe she was at court,–due to misuse of funding sources, who in the right mind to use this specialized funding sources as gambling money? I don’t support this form of activity because, I needed these specialized funds to help with my bills, food, clothes, getting equipment, etc. Although; my peers has condemned gambling as unnecessary! Trying to believing in fairies is totally difficult. They said: “It’s your choice! We respect your change of your beliefs, we take this kind of issue like this seriously. We respond to any problems with parents who taking children to churches that they don’t know..” I drank the rest of my tea as I continued eating the rest of my scones. But some of my peers are getting ready to go home, and sleep.

The Rest of my peers has helped me cleaned up the entire house. They’re just taking their time to finish up our party, all of us worked in team to speed up our cleaning task. I ran towards the TV set to listen to any of the movies, but the TV is not working.

Somehow; there was a large knock on a door, it was the law enforcement.

I ran towards the door to varify if they’re actually the officers who are trying to find my mother who was involved in some scheme.

They told me about the bills what my mother didn’t even pay,–to keep my systems running, and they’re investigating it for a long time. Although; they told me; my mother is in court! And she was trying to cover up her spending activity. I told them what’s happening, and they responded to my story seriously. They said: “We’re going to find your mother’s spending data, and find out if you are end up without any services for your systems.” They Started to investigate my place, and find the logs,–where my mother has dropped off since months ago.

They searched the cellar.

They searched the first floor.

They search the second floor.

There is no sign of these logs, they have to find my mother’s place. Although; I had an option to find someone who will help me get these bills paid.

Once the officers has finished searching this house, they headed out the door to their vehicle, and drove away. Some of my peers are just running out of my home. Well, some of my peers were just cleaning up. And I have to work too!

After my peers left my home, I decided to go to sleep. I turned off the lights, to speed up conservation of electricity,–so it’s easier to finish up the remaining amount of coal. The larger businesses are going to reboot all of their services,–after they had disconnected from the coal-based power system. The stores are planning to reboot too. External portable generators that are driven by solar energy, and batteries, are required.

The tram service is coming back to functionality. Since it doesn’t pollute the environment, it will be used to replace buses. Workers are working together to upgrade to renewable energy. And all of the streets will be cleared while all of us are asleep. That makes it easier for workers to do their job.

I turned on my radio, and started the cassette-recorder;–so I can play the news about the transition to clean energy on the next day. But the nurse who is in my house has documented lots of issues with these bills for the TV service, and she was upset, and her payment system hasn’t received any payments from my mother at all. She was worried about me. She told me to believe in fairies as powerful as I can,–before I ever go to sleep.

After I launched the recorder, I went to sleep. My dream is coming. All of the lights are turned off. And the workers appeared.

In my dream. I started flying with fairies. However, I was riding a fairy. She was a friendly fairy. She wears a big poofy pink dress that is larger than Cinderella’s gown, white stockings, flat pink shoes, a pink crown, and a white apron. She has white hair; light skin; pink lips; blue eyes; she’s taller than me; and she can speak British. I’ve never seen this fairy in my dream like this before!
Although; this is my first time riding a fairy who matched my art since a long ago. What makes her really special… she is a vegetarian. And she doesn’t eat meat. She can really use her wand on her left hand. And she is an activist who wanted to save our planet from pollution. Here’s what I discovered as I interacted with my fairy in my dream. She has jumbo fairy wings, intellegent, smart, and flies almost any direction.

I’ve managed to balance as I ride my fairy in the sky. The sky is blue with soft white clouds. And the sun is gold. The horizon is decorated with gardens, fountains, parks, tall trees, large farms with crops, and a large windmill delivering electricity to the large village, and the another windmill pumping water to distribute water around the entire village. All of the other fairies were jealous because, they’re too small to be ridden by a person. And they were so jealous, they tried their schemes to enlarge themselves.

As I was riding my fairy, I flown over the the suburb that is sleepy. Since my dream is complex; my belief is launched for the first time,–while I leave my previous beliefs. The rest of these fairies who were with us are just heading home to the palace in the sky someplace.

The sun is rising over the town, the neighborhood is waking up. We can see the garden down the road. All of the other fairies are jealous because, I was flying with my fairy.

As we landed on the brick walkway, we hiked down the big garden to explore the rest of the suburb.We can see 4 rabbits hopping along the field of roses. This garden is so big; we have to run down the path. This fairy what I’ve ridden earlier has never handle her rider before. However; she’s taking long breaks. Although; I had an option to ride rabbits, there’s lots of big rabbits available for us to ride. There’s over 20 of them living in the garden. I paused for a minute… I discovered 1 large white rabbit coming out of the large hole in the ground. I decided to climb on her back, and start riding her. Turns out; this hole isn’t dug by a rabbit, it’s built by people,–making it look like a rabbit hole, leading to an underground tunnel. The fairy finds the another rabbit to ride, so she can catch up with me.

We started to ride rabbits to reach the road to the sleepy suburb. I am riding a white rabbit that is wearing a pink ribbon. And the fairy is riding a brown rabbit that is wearing a green ribbon. We are going down the path of this large garden. We are passing fancy little houses, fountains, a large playground, a green soccer field, and the vegetable garden.

We went through the giant arch that is made of tiles, and glass bricks with different colors of a rainbow. We can see the extension of the road. We’re entering the suburb. We can see lots of fancy trees that are tall. We can also see fancy houses, and farms.

As we finally made it to the suburban home that we chosen, we decided to eat some lunch. The fairy in my dream said, “Your wishes will be granted as you wake up. Since you started believing in fairies, you are ready to go to the next level. We’re not going to grant anyone’s wishes yet,–until anyone check their wish lists that are collected. That also requires anyone to go to the fairy port via tram to varify if you want to continue believing in fairies. Don’t let anyone take your list.” My dream started to change to the next theme,–as i eat my lunch. Maybe my dream is changing because, I had an ability to ride a fairy, or a rabbit. The fairy has enjoyed riding rabbits. She just flapped her wings to reduce all of these wrinkles,–after a long flight with me. She has to wear extenders to handle her mount..

After lunch; we continued flying in this town. We discovered lots of fancy gardens that are expanding; these large flowers are growing so high, they are tall as a tree, and wider than a pond. Almost all of the flowers in the garden had blocked the sun rays. Although we’re heading towards the garden. About 22 fairies are gathering fruits, and vegetables for tonight. Compost is laid,–to help plants grow,–all without polluting water. Since wells are active, they used state-of-the-art filters to remove contaminants. Almost all of the trees that they had grown in this garden are growing normally.
The 2 rabbits what we ridden earlier has returned back to the owners. They were the first ones to come out for a drink at the garden. Since the garden is free of predatory animals… that enable rabbits to happily graze at the grassy fields, and eat dedicated plants at the garden that is just for rabbits. This hybrid food source doesn’t just offset food shortages for these animals.. that also enable cotton tail rabbits to graze along the fields. Since this fairy what I’m riding really like rabbits in a garden. She has planned to build and plant a large garden for her rabbits in the future.

The scenary in my dream is beautiful! This fancy garden is so large, it was shared by neighbors. The bridge that goes over the stream is made of metal, bricks, and diamonds. The stream contains lots of fresh water that enables villagers to get water,–during gardening tasks. To help keep it clean, they remove harmful waste, and check if this stream is flowing normally. The other side of the stream, there’s a little town,–where gardeners live. The streets are just normal paved dirt that is used for planting grass that is short. Bikers ride bikes to travel. Machines that are operated by gardeners sprinkle water to keep grass growing. They can go either direction. They don’t have gas engines, they had electric motors. They run by high-voltage batteries. They hook to power cables to charge batteries,–so they can start their tomorrow’s task.

We flown towards the old town that is so sleepy, we can hear few people talking. Inside this old town, there’s lots of old houses that are still functional. Many villagers who lived here share lots of goods, to prevent issues, trees with fruit growing,–including vegetables are the backup sources of food for the entire village. Vegetarians who planted these trees taken care of them for a long time. Orchards far away from here are also raised by vegetarians. Since all of the buildings have metal roofs, and green roofs, they have lots of projects to save the environment.

We went back to our house to settle down. The village is enjoying their dinner, we decided to make our own meal. Since the meat source is not available, we have to rely on vegetarian alternatives. There’s an untold stories of cattle-farms, and chicken-farms changing their efforts. Although, vegetarians has already reduced meat-eating by 99%. Most of the gardens used to have old cattle-farms. However, pescetarians are teaming up with other villagers who already became vegetarians.

Maybe they outlawed meat sources from cattle, chicken, rabbit, pig, duck, goose, bison, turkey, quail, ostrich, and horse farms of all kinds.

While we’re enjoying our dinner; we read books about mythology. The lights in our house are dim. Since the table that is made of wood is left behind, we decided to fix it up. Almost all of the parts are worn out. The windows of our house are still functional. Almost all of the rooms are empty, but they’re filled with beautiful furniture. The tile floor is shiny as metal! The walls are rugged,–maybe to keep the heat inside the house during the cold days.The entire house is quiet. This house hasn’t been care for by this person since years ago. But these villagers came to the rescue, and saved this home from being condemned by a corrupted government. This village will NEVER join any corrupted forces under any circumstances.

Later, it was getting dark in my dream. both of us are asleep. The bright moon is shining the suburb. All of the other fairies are asleep too! All of the streets are cleared for the next day. Workers are steaming the streets to combat pollution. They work around the clock,–keeping the environment clean. I discovered the statement why some fairies can’t grant wishes, until the wish list is collected, and varified by the person who is replying to the confirmation message? To prevent wishes from being stolen; we collect wish lists from each person while he/she is asleep. We take issues seriously. To confirm we’re going to grant your wish, we have to make sure you received your next message, that way; we can keep track of anybody’s wishes. Once you confirmed you had a message; your wishes will fully take effect.

So that’s why they made a statement what I discovered!

Maybe they are resolving some issues,–regarding granting wishes to a correct person. If I get my calculations correct, they’re preventing anybody’s wishes from being mixed up, or stolen. The neighbors are sleeping in this peaceful suburb. The train system is being cleaned up for the next day. And their subway is being extended,–so it’s easier to travel in this suburb. Cars are scarce in this neighborhood, but they do have few cars and trucks.

Since this suburb had already reduced pollution by 95%; The entire suburb is going to help other kingdoms remove all coalburning plants from the entire world.

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