I was riding on a carousel at the local mall. I’m riding a white rabbit. Some of my friends wanted to have a tea party with me as they reach my home. My mother hasn’t been staying home recently. That enables me to be free,–due to a court order, ordering my mother NOT to spank anyone; nor allow anyone to hit a child as a punishment, or under any circumstances. This mall is sponsoring anti-spanking laws that will help all children stay away from violence. And be raised with a modern society. Since outdated family traditions are being seized out… that causes newer children to evolved with a new generation. This carousel ride is sponsoring this law! I have over 14 peers with me. And some of them are just getting ready to go to work,–after a carousel ride. This is a newly built carousel that is portable, and its located inside a large house where it has its own heating and cooling systems. That enables this ride to be running for 24 hours a day. And this place never closes. There are over 22 off duty police officers making a play to stop the spank, and take the spank out of our parents. I can hear riots outside,–fighting against this new law. But this new law is designed to save children from cruelty.

After I ridden the carousel 7 times; I started to run towards the arcade where they sponsor laws to keep Sharia law out of our society. I have to find the game or ride that is available. So far, everyone has filled the arcade. And they were making a difference with their community so far. “I’ll ride a large fairy, or a large butterfly to entertain myself,” I said, running towards the rides. Other peers who were playing games are just waiting for me to join in.

So, I hopped on a butterfly to ride. It relies on tokens to start a ride. This ride is designed for both adults and children. They used to have rides that are only marketed to children, but they specially ordered these large formats. And unlike other rides in this arcade… they’re open-source. But they still have these other rides. All of the music fills the arcade… that means; the arcade is active everyday. And there was a record of this place running up to 44 days flat!

After a long time at the arcade; all of us has boarded the bus to go to my house to have a tea party. This is necessary for me to have tea and tarts to leave liquor out of my house. But some of my peers aren’t able to drink tea,–due to allergies, or they can’t drink any hot drinks. That’s when I started planning on adding alternatives to tea for some of my peers. This is necessary for me to make it flexible for my friends to enjoy our party with other peers.

Meanwhile, Muhamed was late! He missed out our fun, however… he can have tea with us. But he didn’t reach us because, he was on probation,–after he was released from prison since years ago. “Muhamed… you missed our fun,” I said, getting ready to board our large bus, did the taxi broke down, or something else?” “I was ordered NOT to go to any arcade,–due to fraud, and my banking account was seized by the tax squad. What I was doing is Islamic banking… my store was seized too, he cried. Muhamed was wearing a tag that warns people he’s a terrorist who was on probation. He can’t board our bus because, he can’t leave 1 section of this village.

All of my peers and I has reached a house where I live in. We started to get ready to have a tea party. They wanted to choose tea over alcohol because, they wanted to take smart choices. This is necessary to keep the alcoholic beverages out of our system. We have to think twice before we unload our rental bus that is used for long trips. My older friend who is a librarian has been logging activities. She’s the only person who is paying lots of taxes to enable schools to run smoothly.

This story about our tea party starts off with me,–along with my peers. We are at this house in this city. This house is small and it only has 2 stories, but no basement! It has vertical windows, but it doesn’t have any safety grates that prevent bad guys from breaking into a building. It’s just a generic house with a basic design.

We’re having a tea party. We’re having tea with tarts, berries, and scones.

My peers really liked my tea party. They asked me: “Why I started believing in fairies?” I replied to my peers: That’s the alternative to my previous belief.” My peers agreed with my reply. They never seen a person believing in fairies before! I’m currently getting my next set of scones baked in the oven. Some of my peers can hardly see me. The lights in the canteen are dim. The art work that I made since a long time ago are sold. Half of the money goes to the organization, so they can reduce pollution; and save the planet.The tea set that we’re using is custom-made. The tarts that we’re eating are warm as a hot pie,–fresh from the oven. The tea kettle that we’re using has a theme of fairies that is custom-designed.

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Night Lights In My House

One night, I was drinking tea while I was writing my book. I decided to turn off some of my lights in my house to save energy. Although, I tried experimenting on placing LED night lights everywhere in each room,–making it look like we’re in a different location.However, the lights in the basement is dimmed. I left some of the rooms in the dark. The outsides of the house always has low-power lights on at night. But the catch is; light pollution causes us not to see the stars at night. Well, this house what I had is outside the noisy city. We’re close to the farm with vegetarian gatherers who are supplying food for our community. Other people who rent homes were so upset because, of these high energy bills. Some of these villagers has tried to switch over to non-polluting energy. There were endless issues with our energy system that is causing issues with our planet, and there were lights on in some houses that are left empty. Maybe some of these homes were sold. If I get my calculations correct… these homes were seized by the tax system because, some of these people has been trading food assistance cards for cash, but tax payers in danger of having their money forwarded to sanctioned foreign countries.

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